Ion source

Adimtech Kft manufactures ion sources with unique heating technology. The technology was developed at Wigner Research Centre for Physics for nuclear fusion experiments and Adimtech Kft as spin off company of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences is licensed to manufacture, develop and  trade these special ion sources.

ION SOURCE applying block heater technology.

Ion sources are used at various fields in research and industry. The ion source material is heated via heat conduction or radiation (or – in special cases – with electron bombardment). In both cases the base of the system is some kind of heating filaments (usually Tungsten), which is heated resistively.
The conventionally used heating filaments face two serious difficulties: the highest achievable temperature is limited to about 1200-1300 °C and they are also fragile. These problems can be solved by applying the block heater technology developed by Wigner Research Centre for Physics in collaboration with Adimtech Kft., which is  a completely new heating method. The new construction is based on a Silicon carbide (SiC) disc. The disc is situated the front of a Molybdenum house, and current is lead via a Tungsten conductor (and the house). The rest of the construction is similar as at the conventional heating filament technology. As the current is being lead through the disc, it generates heat via its resistivity.

The result is a robust and stable mechanism, by which the highest achieved temperature can be up to 1500 °C. This system is far more robust and resistant against mechanical impacts.


Our heater can only be ordered with circular surface, wire heaters are not available.The heating current compared to the heating filaments construction is about 50% higher (precise parameters are listed below).

The sources can be customized to your application, please contact us for details.

Typical specifications of the block heater :

  • Silicon carbide disc as block heater
  • High power density (> 200W/cm2)
  • Alumina heat shield
  • Lifetime min. 10.000 h
  • Min. 1500 °C UHV operation (at empty source)
  • Optional Molybdenum plug
  • Optional β-Eucryptite filling
  • Typical operation with β-Eucryptite
  • Stable temperature
  • Robust structure
  • Other shape, material on request